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              Kitten Gold

              Typical Analysis

              Kitten Gold

              The data in our typical analysis is composed of calculated values using expected figures from ingredient databases and actual lab analyses of our foods. This table provides more detailed information than our guaranteed analysis, but it is not intended to represent absolute values.

              This data is oftentimes helpful when determining if a specific recipe is suitable for a known dietary requirement. ?If you or your veterinarian have further questions, please?Contact Us.


              ?As-Is Basis (%)Dry Matter Basis (%)
              Moisture 8.02 ?
              Dry Matter 91.98 ?
              Protein 35.6 38.7
              Fat 20.4 21.3
              Fiber 2.64 2.87
              Ash 6.49 7.06
              Phosphorus 1.21 1.32
              Potassium 0.71 0.77
              Magnesium 0.11 0.12
              Calcium 1.59 1.73
              Sodium 0.4 0.44
              ?As-Is Basis (mg/kg)Dry Matter Basis (mg/kg)
              Iron 138 150
              Manganese 51.8 56
              Copper 18.8 20
              Zinc 148 161